Trade for Charity

Information on our 2024 Trading Competition

The Financial Management Association is excited to launch our Spring 2024 Trade for Charity fundraiser! Participants will be able to compete against other RIT students in a real stock market simulation. The trader with the highest investment returns at the end of the competition will not only win a $30 Amazon Gift Card, but also choose which approved charity FMA donates to. This is a great opportunity for students to show off their trading skills while also giving back to the community!  

You do not have to be a finance student or member of FMA to participate, as this opportunity is open to any student with a valid RIT email address!

The competition will start on March 25th and end on April 26th. Participants must be registered prior to the March 25th start date. To enter, fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your first name, last name, and RIT email address. Once we receive your $5 entry fee, we will give you the password to join the competition.

The competition will be held on the MarketWatch platform. Participants will be able to trade over 5,000 public companies and funds from the following markets: Nasdaq, NYSE, NYSE American, OTC. Just like real markets, participants will be able to utilize short selling, margin selling, limit orders, and stop losses. Each player will start with a balance of $100,000 and will be charged $10 commissions on trades.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at or stop by one of our meetings! Meetings are held every Thursday at 4pm in the Sklarsky Center for Business Analytics.

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